ArtResin, anyone!?

I get so many questions when it comes to the art I produce. Questions about colors, mediums, texture. For the last year, I've received the most questions about a product I use that has taken me forever to find...

I remember so clearly the first time I saw art on canvas finished with the thick glossy goodness. I was walking the streets in Eureka Springs, Arkansas peering in gallery windows. I saw this amazing piece full of blues and greens, abstract, amazing texture, and this finish that seemed like glass. I'm a late night explorer, so the gallery wasn't open and I was leaving the next morning before they would be open.  I knew I had to find out what the artist had used to bring the piece to life.  The painting looked so untouchable, but that's all I wanted to do. So, after admiring the piece for a while I ventured on with hope I could do research and find a product like the artist had used.  And I did, try that is. I struggled finding anything flexible enough to use on canvas.  Eventually, I decided it wasn't meant to be and continued using the spray clear coat I had used on everything else I had done. 

So a couple of years pass, and at this point I am solely relying on selling my art for income.  I have a website, a Facebook page specifically for my art, and all of the pages I could possibly follow in my lineup where I could share my work with others.  Much to my surprise, I was scrolling down my news feed when a post from one of those pages appeared and it caught my attention immediately.  ArtResin. On canvas. Wait, what is this stuff? It seemed like the magic I had been looking for since that first glance in the gallery window. And after some research, I learned it was even better than what I had fallen in love with that day. So, I ordered my first starter kit that day from Art Resin, I had to try this stuff.  Two days later, I had it.  I had three recently finished paintings I had yet to clear, so I just went for it. I mixed up enough to coat all three. After watching videos and reading about the product, I didn't hesitate to risk my art by using the resin.  The website is a great source for the knowledge you need to get started, and the coverage guide is amazing as you develop your comfort with pouring what you need for a project. So, I was ecstatic to check on my paintings after they had 24 hours to cure. The excitement to see that finish on my work was unparalleled. I was addicted. Now, I tell everyone about ArtResin. 

It started with blues and greens...

I have had so many ask about the finish and I couldn't be happier to point them in the right direction after being that lost person just a couple of years ago.  There's not a single art supply I would recommend above this product, it is truly magic in a bottle.  Recently, ArtResin reached out to me after a survey I had completed.  I had mentioned in the survey that I have referred many people to the product.  So with all of that being said, I have a newly completed project done specifically for ArtResin to share.  Give this product a try.  I back it 100%, and it's a small company...bonus!

So, new project. I have used a 10"x20" canvas with acrylic and alcohol ink. Using ArtResin with alcohol ink is my favorite combination.  The colors become more vivid as soon as the resin is being spread across the top on the canvas.  I took a few pictures along the way to show some differences as the painting progresses and as a finished product, of course. 

...and the finished piece. This is "marked." A piece, like the majority of my others, with a story to tell.

Marked - Alcohol Ink and Acrylic on 10x20" canvas

Marked - Alcohol Ink and Acrylic on 10x20" canvas

Check them out here!